The Real Survivors



Let me tell you something – we are all “fragile creatures of comfort.”  When you are faced with a serious survival  threat, odds are you’ll call 911, cry for help, curl-up & give-up, run,…  Why?  Cause you don’t have the “survival ammunition” to stand your ground and fight for your own survival.  Well, I am giving you that “survival ammunition” so you can survive Anytime Anywhere!  And it is based on what I call The Real Survival Experts.  I hope you decide to become more self-reliant than you ever thought possible.  Depend on yourself, you become your own “survival expert” in your nook, your domaine, your life.  Now let me tell you where I started.

Back in 1991, I realized I didn’t know as much international wilderness survival as I thought I did and many of the things I was taught wasn’t going to work.  So back then I started putting together my own Survival Program and I started from scratch.  I “intensely researched” how the REAL SURVIVAL EXPERTS survived their particular international wilderness environments, how they avoided their own “doomsdays” and more than 20-years later I’m still conducting “intensive research” so YOU are ready Anytime Anywhere.  A few years later and still today I “intensely researched” Health Survival, Crime Survival and Money Survival and added additional HUGE AMOUNTS of Survival so you’re ready Anytime Anywhere.  Here’s a partial list of the REAL SURVIVAL EXPERTS:


The Undisputed Real Survival Experts!

Besides my 40+ years of REAL butt whoopin outdoor experience and my TOP SECRET R&D (see Survival Tricks), you’re going to learn from the other UNDISPUTED REAL SURVIVOR EXPERTS like 1st Lt. Hiroo Onada (after WWII, 30-year survival), Acoma, Aleuts, Amazonians, American Civil War POWs (Confederate & Union), Amish, Amundsen Expedition, Anaktuvuk, Anazasi, Andes Survivors, Apache, Arapaho, Arawak, Ashley Expedition, Assiniboin, Athabascan, Australian Aborigines, Barent Expedition, Bataan Death March POWs, Black Foot, Borchgrevink Expedition, Brigham Young (Mormon leader), Buffalo Bill (soldier-scout), Byrd Expeditions, Cartier Expeditions, Catawbas, Central American Indians, Charboneau (mountain man), Cherokee, Cheyenne, Chippewa (Ojibwa), Chiricahua, Choctaw, Choinumne, Clatsop, Colonel Wendell W. Fertig (WWII fighter & evader), Comanche, Coronado Expedition, Cree, Creek, Crow, Dakota (Sioux), Daniel Boone (mountain man), Davy Crockett (mountain man), Digger, Discovery Expedition (Cpt. Robert F. Scott), Donner Party, Dr. Alain Bombard (castaway survivor), Eskimos, Flat Head, Fremont Expedition, George Drouillard (mountain man), George R. Tweed (RM1 – US Navy – evaded for 02 1/2 -years on Guam during WWII), Gosiute, Guayaki, Haida, Hadzabe (African Bushmen), Hedin Expedition, Hidasta, Hopi, Horace Kephart (Dean of American Campers), Indian Slaves, Inuit, Jedediah Smith (mountain man), Jim Beckwourth (mountain man), Jim Bowie (mountain man), Jim Bridger (mountain man), Joachim Dierlich (evading German-WWII), John Colter (mountain man), Kaibab, Kalahari Desert Bushman, Kin Kade (mountain man), Kit Carson (mountain man), Lakota (Sioux), Lena Constante (Romanian prison camp), Lewis & Clark Expedition, Lyon’s (international survival experience), Mandan, Marco Polo, Mawson Expedition, Mohawk, Mountain Men, Moses Harris (mountain man), Nansen Expedition, Nanticoke, Naskapi, Navajo, Navarez Expedition, Nelson Lee (enslaved Texas Ranger), Nessmuk, Nez Perce, Ojibwa, Old West Cowboys, Old West Pioneers, Oregon Trail Pioneers, Osage, Oto, Otzi (prehistoric survivor), Paiute, Pawnee, Pima, Pomo, Potlatch, Prehistoric Natives, Prisoners (incarcerated), Pueblo, Rwandan Tutsi Survivors (1994 Massacre), Sacagewea (Lewis & Clark Expedition), Sam Houston (mountain man), Seminole, Shackleton Expedition, Shamans, Shawnee, Shoshoni, Texas Rangers (see Nelson Lee), Thomas Fitzpatrick (mountain man), Tibetan Monks, Tlingit, Tohono O’odham, Tsimshian, Underground Railroad Evaders (U.S. Civil War), U.S. Army Green Berets, U.S. Army Rangers, U.S. Marine Force Recon, Vietnam POWs, Walker Expedition, Walker – Caddy Expedition, Wampanoag, WWI POWs, WWII Commandos, WWII POWs, Yawalapiti, Yogis, Yurok, Zulu, Zuni,…

And HUNDREDS more real survival tricks from the other REAL SUPER SURVIVORS like plants, insects, small game, big game, birds, marine life, fresh water life,… across the globe and throughout history – you’ll learn to survive Anytime Anywhere.  In 149+ International Survival Tricks, you’ll read a small, small, small, fraction of THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of REAL survival tricks used by myself & the REAL SURVIVORS (others not listed) from all over the globe and throughout history!  These are the BEST Survival Teachers for YOU to insure You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!

Joseph A. Laydon Jr.


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