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When I first started putting my Survival Programs together (1991), I came across a some guy that teaches survival and he stated – here’s the closest I can remember to what he said – “I can go in any wilderness environment with nothing and live off the land.”

Now here’s my quote to this survival instructor:  “Hey, if this idiot ain’t dead already, he’s lucky.  If he got some of his students killed by this ‘live off the land with nothing’ mentality  he should be in prison.” 

I openly brag that I have one of the BEST if not the #1 Survival Program on the face of the Earth.  I’ll put my Survival Programs up against any civilian or military survival program anywhere.  As far as academically – nobody can touch my Survival Programs.

BUT AT THE SAME TIME, I’ve always there IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with taking any life-sustaining, emergency gear, and comfort items out in the woods with you.


“Mother Nature And All She Possesses Is Trying To Kill You A Hundred Different Ways.  But For Every Hundred Different Ways She’s Trying To Kill You, She’s Trying To Help You A Thousand Different Ways!  And My Survival Programs Teach You Those Thousand Different Ways!”

Joseph A. Laydon Jr.


Now below is a list of hand-picked EMERGENCY SURVIVAL PRODUCTS and other outdoor gear that are worthy of your life or death attention.  I’ve divided the EMERGENCY SURVIVAL PRODUCTS and other outdoor gear into the 8 Elements of Survival which are:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • First-Aid
  • Signal
  • Food
  • Weapons
  • Navigation


180+ Emergency Survial Products So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!


Let’s start with Fire (click each image for full details).


Emergency Fire-Starting!

Water Procurement, Filtering, And Purification!

Now let‘s carry-on with some tools & gadgets to get plenty of drinking water  (click each image for full details).

Emergency Shelters!

Before you take a look at these Emergency Shelter Products, most folks and even those ‘survival instructors’ out there think shelter only pertains to things like tents and such.  But shelter also pertains to clothing, sleeping bags,… and other items to protect the fragile body.  OK, you’ll see what I mean.  Let’s get started  (click each image for full details).


Emergency First-Aid!

Before you take a look at these Emergency First-Aid Products, let me give a couple links to my book:

OK, let’s get started  (click each image for full details).

Now let’s carry-on with the next Element of Survival – Signal (click each image for full details).



Now let’s carry-on with another one of the 8 Elements of Survival – the morale builder – Food  (click each image for full details).

Emergency Food!

Now let me show you a few Weapons.  In my humble opinion, you should always have a primary weapon and back-up weapon.  At this time I can not offer you powerful pistols and rifles  (click each link for full details).


Now let’s cover the last of the 8 Elements of Survival – Navigation  (click each image for full details).


I hope this list of Survival Products helps you out to AVOID survival threats and remedy any survival threats now and in the future.  Below are my other websites you can visit to enhance your self-reliance and peace of mind.

Joseph A. Laydon Jr.

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