149+ International Survival Tricks!

149+ International Survival Tricks!


When you  browse the A-Z Index Video, you’ll see THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of  international survival entries.  There is no way I could list each and every Survival Application, Technique and Trick (THOUSANDS), so below are a handful of 149+ International Survival Tricks that I know will interest you so you are ready Anytime Anywhere.  Let’s get started with some True Survival Tragedies that could have been avoided if they were IRISAP subscribers and then we’ll go into 149+ International Survival Tricks.

True Survival Tragedies That Didn’t Have To Happen!

It Didn’t Have To Happen But It Did – They Were ALL Absolutely Clueless When The Unforgiving Killer Wilderness Gave Them Their Final Exam!  What About YOU?

02 West Point Officers, a Citadel graduate and an 82nd Airborne paratrooper… found dead in the frigid wet swamp

          One of the most challenging military leadership courses offered by the US military is US Army Ranger School.  Hallucinations, sleep deprivation, hunger, dehydration, extreme stress, overwhelming fatigue – exhaustion, challenging terrain, stinging freezing weather to baking heat are part of the daily tests and the norm for this unique leadership course and on top of this the Ranger student must lead 40 hallucinating grossly exhausted Ranger students when in a leadership position and must also perform as a platoon member when not in a leadership position.  On 15 February 1995 in the Florida Everglades, Ranger students representing all services were suffering from mild to killer hypothermia.  No big deal – very common and the norm during winter Ranger classes – except this time 04 Ranger students died at the same time!

RIs (Ranger Instructors) followed their SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) prior to executing the wet movement (patrolling in water-covered swamps) and took necessary precautions and also had their hands full executing the wet movement itself.  Sure the water and air temperatures were cold – but this is no leadership course for a whining crybaby sissy-boy whimps – this is US Army Ranger School, one of the most challenging literally Aget down in the dirt leadership courses in the entire world.  It is only offered to pre-selected military personnel from all the US services and pre-selected allied foreign military personnel.  On 15 February 1995 – 02 West Point Officers, a Citadel graduate and a paratrooper from the 82nd Airborne after a break-in-contact, were found dead in the cold, wet, swamp.  Why?  Did they put their entire trust, their lives with the RIs assigned to evaluate their patrol?  Were they properly trained by the military to AVOID their deadly hypothermic fate?  What would YOU do?  Would YOU be a HERO or another dead statistic?

Fact:   If those Ranger students were a full IRISAP subscribers and used only 01, just 01 advanced survival application, technique, or trick of the THOUSANDS in the 2012 U-AAASPTP, they would have graduated Ranger School and they’d all be alive today!  They could have used Sauna In A Can or apply ____ to this part of your body to trick it into feeling warmer  or Mind-Over-Matter applications used by Yogis, Tibetan monks… to survive the impossible.  What would YOU have done in their place?  Would you be alive & a hero or another dead statistic?  And that deadly hypothermic survival threat can happen to YOU and your loved ones Anytime Anywhere – even in hot desert environments!


900+ Japanese Soldiers Mass Slaughtered…

          I have GREAT RESPECT for Mother Nature and all She Possesses (dirt, plants, insects, small game, big game, weather,…) and I share everything with you!  In March 2000 Newsletter I’ll share a TRUE story of how almost 1,000 armed, battle-hardened, Japanese soldiers were massacred, but not by opposing US forces or any humans!  During WWII when the British were recapturing Burma, approximately 1,000 withdrawing Japanese soldiers entered a shallow mangrove swamp between Burma and Ramree Island.  They were expecting Japanese ships to evacuate them!  Well the ships never showed and it was turning dark.  The next morning ALL but 20 traumatized Japanese soldiers were murdered – massacred by Mother Nature!  And you know what?  It still happens as you read these true details right now!

Fact:   If the Japanese leadership knew what you’re going to learn when you get your own 2012 U-AAASPTP the 1,000 Japanese soldiers would have avoided their terrible massacre!


                         02 young boys found side by side – dead

          Instead of taking charge most untrained adults will be overwhelmed by the beautiful but unforgiving killer wilderness, killer weather and the multitudes of threats from killer plants & insects, to killer snakes, bears, mountain lions… cause they’re clueless.  Spring 98 in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, a father took his son and son’s friend out for a simple hike.  They were suppose to be back that evening for a softball game.  They never showed.  The family members alerted authorities.  The next day the search was on – nothing.  The 2nd day more folks helped the local authorities – nothing.  The 3rd day the military from Ft. Carson were involved – nothing.  Several days later the 02 young boys were finally found side by side – dead.  They died of overexposure the 1st night.  Where was their father?  The search went on that day – nothing.  Days later their father was finally found face-down in water – dead!  According to news clippings, there were no signs of any useful field-craft survival.  03 precious lives lost cause they were clueless in a survival situation.  What would YOU have done in their place?  Would YOU and your loved ones be dead or alive?  You’re the adult, you’re suppose to be in control – know what to do!

Fact:   If the father were a full IRISAP subscriber and used only 1, just 1 advanced survival application, technique or trick of the THOUSANDS in the 2012 U-AAASPTP, he and his boys would be alive today!  He would be a hero instead of a dead statistic.  Unforgiving – killer survival situations occur every day!  Will YOU be a hero or another dead statistic?


“What Will YOU Do When You Find Yourself All Alone, Hopelessly Lost, Starving, Sick, Freezing, Bleeding, Dying…, In Unforgiving Wilderness Environments?”

          This Is What YOU’LL Easily Know Anytime Anywhere To SAVE YOUR LIFE, Your Loved Ones, and Your Outdoor Friends Anytime Anywhere Instead Of Becoming DEAD STATISTICS.  You’ll learn IRISAP’s TOP SECRET survival tricks, present day survival tricks, and we’ll go back in time and you’ll learn HUNDREDS of the BEST survival tricks that were used by the real survivors for hundreds – thousands of years!  Are you ready?  HANG ON cause I’m gonna jump around telling you about REAL international survival applications, techniques and tricks from all over the world and throughout history.  Are you ready?  OK let’s start with one my many TOP SECRET inventions –  Starting A Fire With A Beam Of Light From Your Flashlight!

Video = You’ll see this application in a video (DVD).


001)  EASIER THAN USING MATCHES – EASIER THAN USING LIGHTERS!  Here’s Another Original Copyrighted Emergency Fire-Starting Trick Only From IRISAP!  You’ll Know How To Use A Beam Of Light – Yes, A Beam Of Light From Your Flashlight To Start A Life-Saving Emergency Fire And It Takes Only A Short 02-Seconds!  It’s Designed For Pitch Black, Can’t See Nuthin, Blind Man, Darkness – Fire-Starting At Night! But You Can Use It During Daylight Hours Too!  You’ll See Everything In The Ultra-Advanced Fire-Starting Video Part III!  When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP, You’ll Know 399+ Fire-Starting And Fire Applications.  Keep Reading.  (Video)

002)  Need To Hunt For Food?  Doesn’t Matter What You’re Hunting – You’ll Learn 39+ Long Lost And Modern Day Calling Tricks That Bring Those Small & Big Game Critters Into Point Blank Range!  Them Critters Are Compelled To Come To You.  These Neat Tricks Work So Good Other Survivors With You Will Applaud And Forever Praise Your Life-Saving Hunting Skills!

003)  A Few Years Ago I (Author) Burned My Hand And Wrist With A Hot Boiling Drink.  My Hand & Wrist Were Burned So Bad My Hand And Wrist Were Stop Sign Red And It Started Hurting With A Non-Stop POUNDING Pain.  Most Folks Would Run Off To The Hospital And Pay Close To A $1,000.00 In Hospital Bills.  Not Me, It Cost Me About 25 Cents Worth And The Pain Went Away In only A Few Minutes And Never Returned. This Personal Care Product Should Be In Every Hospital Room, Every Ambulance, Every Fire Truck, Every First-Aid Kit, Every Survival Kit,…!  Plus You’ll Know 110+ Emergency First Aid Applications When You Get Your Own 60-Pound 2012 U-AAASPTP.

004)  I Had One Guy E-Mail Me And Told Me No Way!  I Lose A Lot Of Business Cause People Write Me And Ask Me How Do You Do That?@  And When I Explain It’s ONLY For My IRISAP Subscribers They Say It Can’t Be Done!  Like How To Shoot Fire From Your Hands – 39 Feet Away – To Safely Ignite Your Camp Fire, Warming Fire, Signal Fire, Fight-Off Predators,…– My Own Invention!  You’ll See EVERYTHING In Special Report #54 & In A Video!  Plus Read Some Of The Other Top Secret Emergency Fire-Starting Tricks I Give My Subscribers – YOU!  Remember I Have A DOUBLE Money-Back Guarantee. (Video)

005)  You’re Gonna Like This One, How To Use A Single Drop Of Water To Start A LIFE-SAVING Fire!  After More Than 02-Years Of R&D And Years Of Failures, On 17 August 2000, At 1417 Hours At Scott AFB – IL, History Was Made!  I (author) Finally Discovered How-To Replicate The Mysterious Fires Of Africa Using A Single Drop Of Water To Start A Life-Saving Fire!  This Ultra-Advanced Trick Alone Is Worth The Cost Of The Entire 2012U-AAASPTP cause it could save your life Anytime Anywhere!  ONLY For YOU, A Privileged 2012 U-AAASPTP Subscriber! (Video)

006)  Did You Know There Are Approximately 900,000 Known Species Of Insects On The Earth?  But In Reality There May Be As Many As 30,000,000 Species Of Insects Which Clocks-In At The Approximate World Insect Population At 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 – That’s 10 Quintillion Insects!!!  According To A New York Times Article, There Are 300 POUNDS Of Insects For Every Pound Of A Human!!!  200 Million Insects For Every Human On The Earth!!!  Anyway, There Are Tons Of Insects Right Next To You That Will Aggravate You 24-Hours A Day.  You’ll Know The Facts On Many Insects Like Chiggers And Killer Mosquitoes.  You’ll Know How-To Avoid Em’ And Several Unknown Insect Repellents That Work-They Want Nothing To Do With You!  Keep Reading For More International Insect Survival Tricks.

007)  I’m Telling You, Many A Freezing Hypothermic Victims Have Died Cause They Couldn’t Start An Emergency Warming Fire Even When They Had Plenty Of Matches And Lighters On Them!  What Happens If You’re So Bitterly Cold You’re Hands And Fingers Feel Like Wood?  Your Fingers And Hands Don’t Work.  So Use The Weight Of Your Standing Body To Start An Emergency Fire – You’ll Know How To Rub Your Shoe On A Rock For A Quick Fire In Only Seconds!  My World Record Is A Short 02-Seconds!  This Will Work When Matches And Lighters Will NEVER Work Cause You’re So Hypothermic (severely overcome physically & mentally by freezing temperatures) You Can’t Feel Your Own Fingers – They’re Like Wood!  You’ll See Everything In A Video. (Video)

008)  In the Newsletters and in the Ultra-Advanced Fire-Starting Video Part III, You’ll Learn And See Life-Saving Emergency Fire-Starting In Below-Freezing Weather!  Yes, There’s Snow All Over The Place. (Video)

009)  You’ll Know About The Secrets Of The Deadliest Snakes Throughout North America And The World. Some Quick Killer Snakes Have Enough Venom To Kill 100 Grown Men And Others Will Kill You Dead Before You Take Another Step, And Others Will Have Your Pain-Pounding Infected Bitten Limb Literally Blow Up Right Before Your Eyes!  Keep Reading And I’ll Tell You About A Couple UNKNOWN Snakebite Remedies That Are Worth The Entire Cost Of The 2012 U-AAASPTP Cause They Can Save Your Life Or Those Under Your Charge!

010)  Here’s An Unknown Old Timer’s Trick On How To Locate, Hypnotize And Control Deadly Snakes.  It Could SAVE YOUR LIFE!  Keep Reading For The Texas Ranger Snake Bite Remedy!

011)  African Bushmen Used A Similar Technique As Them Old Timers To Hypnotize Killer Constricting Pythons.  You’ll Know Their Python Hypnotizing Trick When They Are Just Inches From The Killer Constricting Python.

012)  An Unknown Yet Very Effective Snakebite Remedy Is Used In Central & South America To Remedy Deadly Fer De Lance Snakebites.  It Is So Good, It Is So Simple, It’s Also Used To Remedy Spider Bites (brown recluse, black widow,…), Centipede Bites,…  And It Can Be Used Anywhere In The World And You Probably Own This Very Effective Snake Bite Remedy Right Now And Don’t Even Know It!  Keep Reading For Texas Ranger Snake Bite Remedy!

013)  Here’s Another Ultra-Advanced Fire-Starting Trick!  You’ll Know How To Simply Spit (your saliva) And Start A Life-Saving Warming Fire!  I’ll Reveal Everything In A Video I’ll Send You!  Not Even Survival Instructors Know This Trick And Many Others! (Video)

014)  How About When You’re Freezing Cold!  You’ll Know How To Use This Secret Trick That Fools Your Body Into Feeling Warmer – Even When You’re In Cold Frigid Water!  99.9999% Don’t Know This And Other Tricks But You Will!  Those Bay Watch Actors Use This Life-Saving Secret All The Time!

015)  Freezing Soaking Wet Uncontrollable Shivering Cold And Near Death? I’ll Tell You About A Legend – Mountain Man Davy Crockett, Who Uses A Trick To Fight-Off The Sure Death Of Hypothermia!  This Trick Could Save Your Life!  Plus You’ll Learn Several Other True Survival Tricks From This Bear Fighter!  Davy Crockett Was Just Bad to the Bone And You Will Be Too When You Get Your Own 60-Pound 2012 U-AAASPTP!

016)  Another Bad To The Bone Legend – Mountain Man – Kit Carson!  This Legend Was Such An Brave Wilderness Expert, Experienced And Much Older Mountain Men Followed His Advice & Orders.  You’ll Learn 11 Kit Carson Survival Tricks When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP!

017)  Another Legend You’ll Learn From Another Famous Mountain Man – Daniel Boone.  He Taught His Son How To Hunt For Deer.  He Showed His Son A Place Where Deer Always Go And His Bow Was Downwind Waiting For An Easy Kill.  You’ll Know Everything And 06 Other Daniel Boone Survival Tricks When You Get Your Own 60-Pound 2012 U-AAASPTP!

018)  On 14 May 1804, The Famous Lewis And Clark Expedition Was Launched And They Had 13 Of Their Own Unique Survival Tricks You’ll Know When You Get Your 2012 U-AAASPTP!

019)  I’m Gonna Teach You Dozens Of International Traps And Snares (50+).  Snakes Are Plentiful.  You’ll Know How To Safely Capture Snakes For Tasty Meals Without Firing A Shot – You Don’t Need a Weapon!

020)  When I Taught Survival Classes At The College Level The Students Thought I Was B.S.ing Them!  You’ll Know How To Safely Hypnotize This Tasty Bird!  It’s Absolutely Under Your Control!  And Because Of This Hypnotizing Trick, The Meat Taste Better!

021)  I Teach You To NEVER Throw Anything Away.  There’s Always An Alternative Use For Anything And That Goes For Your Own Urination!  You’ll Know How To Start A Life-Saving Fire Using Your Own Urination!  Hey, You Gotta Do Something Or Become Another Dead Statistic! (Video)

022)  I’ll Show You An Emergency Trap And Snare Designed To Capture Deer For Tasty Cooked Meals, And Long-Term Smoked Jerky, Dried Jerky – No Weapons Needed!

023)  I’ll Show You How To Cook A Full Meal Using A Single Sheet Of 8 1/2 X 11 Paper!  You’ll See It In A Video I Want To Send You! (Video)

024)  It Weighs Next To Nuthin’.  It’s A Special Paper That Burns Like A Jet Engine For A Quick Sure-Fire Life-Saving Emergency Fire!  It Looks Just Like Toilet Paper And Weighs Nuthin’!  You’ll See Everything In A Video (Video)

025)  This Neat Trick Will Have You Catch More Fish Than You & 5 Other Survivors Can Ever Eat!  You’ll Get Plenty Of Fish – More Than You Can Eat With The Panamanian Fishing Trick – It’ll Lasts Years And It Will Cost You Nuthin’ – Not A Single Penny!!  I’ll Tell You The TRUE Story Behind It And Why It Works So Good!  The Naskapi Indians Of Canada Used A Similar Fishing Trick For Hundreds Of Years Before I Discovered It In Panama!

026)  Another Neat Fish-Catching Trick Is Always Used By The Green Heron Bird That’s Found All Over The World Except Antarctica.  It’s So Simple And Works So Good These Birds Never Go Hungry And You’ll Know How It’s Done Along With The Panamanian Fishing Trick Above When You Get Your Own 60-Pound 2012 U-AAASPTP.

027)  OK OK, Here’s Another Fishing Trick.  How Do You Know When It’s The Best Time To Fish?  Heck, Copy Cat What Compels Rainbow Trout To Go Into A Eating Frenzy!  You’ll Know It Plus Dozens More REAL Fishing Tricks!  Heck, Even Those Pro Anglers (fishermen) Are Clueless!  If You Live Or Visit Quebec, Canada With Its 400,000+ Lakes, All These Real Fishing Are Worth The Entire 2012 U-AAASPTP Alone! WAIT – You Must See Package 17 in the 60-pound 2012 U-AAASPTP!

028)  FREE FUEL Right Now – Starting Today!  I’m Not Only Gonna Tell You About It But Prove To You In A Video I’ll Send You.  Use FREE Fuel For ALL Your Outdoor Adventures!  FREE Fuel For Heating, Cooking, And Lighting!  And I’ll Show How To Make Your Own FREE Heating Stoves, Cooking Stoves, And Light Reflectors!  You’ll See Everything In A Video! (Video)

029)  Hey, 50 Years Ago There Were No Modern Ways To Forecast Killer Weather.  You’ll Know How They Did It For Thousands Of Years!  You’ll Know 75+ Ways To Forecast Deadly Weather To Beautiful Pleasant Weather  (to plan all your outdoor adventures or simply ABORT them) Using Ancient And Proven Methods – Using Insects, Animals, Birds, Clouds, Sun, Moon, Rainbows, Plants, Pine Cones, Smoke, Water, Hair, Coffee Drink,…

030)  I’m Going To Show You Several Shelters To Include A Sturdy Warm Snow Shelter That Will Withstand Killer Freezing And Windy Temperatures Down To 50 Below Zero!  You Gotta Do Something Or You’ll Be Another Dead Statistic!

031)  No Compass!  I’m Gonna Show You Almost 3 Dozen Ways To Navigate Without A Compass Using Dead Trees, Cut-Down Trees, Live Trees, Twigs, Rocks, Sticks, A Long Branch, 3rd Grade Math, Moon,…! (Video)

032)  You’ll Know How To Use Simple 3rd Grade Math To Navigate Anywhere On Earth – Even In The Middle Of The Ocean!  This Easy Simple To Do Formula Could Save Your Life! (Video)

033)  This Is Titanic Proof And Almost FREE!  Here’s Another True Story I’m Gonna Tell You About – I Bet Plenty Of Dead Folks During The 2005 Katrina Disaster Wish They Knew About This Survival Trick!  How To Build A Raft That’s So Buoyant And So Sturdy, 50 Grown Men Can’t Destroy It And 12 Grown Men Sitting On It Can’t Sink It – Can’t Submerge It – A 10-Year Old Can Build It!  Yes, I Was 01 Of Those 50 Men And I’ll Tell You Everything In Great Detail.

034)  This Is Probably The BEST Snake Bite Remedy Of All Time!  ONLY Thru IRISAP!  It’s A Long Lost Survival Trick Used 140-Years Ago By The Famous & Bad Ass Texas Rangers.  I’ll Tell You EVERYTHING When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP.  Like Many Of The Advanced And Ultra-Advanced Survival Tricks, This One Survival Trick Is Worth The ENTIRE Cost Of The 2012 U-AAASPTP Cause It Could SAVE YOUR LIFE Anytime Anywhere!

035)  Again, NEVER Throw Anything Away!  You’ll Know How To Use Throw-Away Cigarette Lighters To Start Plenty Of Fires & Even Heal Your Aching Body! (Video)

036)  Even Sticks Are Good For Something Besides Kindling.  You’ll Know How To Use Sticks To Find Direction And Tell Time Anywhere On Earth!  Works Anywhere On Earth! (Video)

037)  How To Use Your Own Fingers To Tell Time!  It Works Anywhere On Earth! (Video)

038)  I’ll Show You How To Build A Blow Gun That Is So Powerful The Darts Will Penetrate Hard Wood!  Don’t Waste Your Money And Buy Those Sissy Blowguns That Have No Power And Worthless Darts That Can’t Penetrate Anything!  And The Cost Of Making Your Own Blowgun And Plenty Of Darts Is SUPER CHEAP! (Video)

039)  You’re Gonna Like This One!  You’ll Know How To Build This Shelter That Actually ENERGIZES Your Body!  Scientists Can’t Figure It Out!  And Its Power Still Works With Only It’s Frame!  You Gotta Know This Neat Trick.

040)  Are You Cold?  You’ll Know How To Cocoon Yourself To Stay Warm And Bone Dry When A Blizzard Hits!  It Works So Good, You’ll Sweat!  This Trick and Sauna In A Can (see below) SAVED My Butt On Freezing Cold Military Training More Than A Few Times!

041)  Special Breathing Is Linked To Most Or All Mind-Over-Matter Programs!  You’ll Know How To Use A Special Breathing Exercise That ENERGIZES Your Tired Body – Some Even Use It To Lose That Unwanted Excess Weight!

042)  I’ll Show You My Way Easy Way To Navigate Using Any Watch! (Video)

043)  Fight Nagging Insects!  You’ll Learn Another 2 More Insect Repellents To Repel Swarming Mosquitoes And Other Biting Insects!  You’ll Know 12+ Ways To Repel Insects!  And I Just Added  A NEW And SUPER SAFE Insect Killer For You And Your Pets.

044)  Choinumne Indians Hunted Deer At Point Blank Range!  Them Deer Never Saw It Coming!   You’ll Learn 25+ REAL Choinumne Survival Tricks When You Get Your Own 60-Pound 2012 U-AAASPTP!

045)  Need A Warming Fire But Have Absolutely No Tinder To Get It Started?  Doesn’t Matter Where You’re Located Or What You’re Doing, I’ll Show How To Get Plenty Of Tinder Right Now To Start An Emergency Fire!

046)  People Will Think You’re A Magician When You Use This One!  You’ll Know The Pied Piper Secret To Get Piles And Piles Of FREE Wiggling Worms For Fishing Bait, Protein To Eat,…!  It Works Anywhere On Earth!

047)  Russian Super Herb.  This Uknown Super Herb Is Proven To Boost Brain Power By Up To 88% In Only 24-Hours And This Super Herb Acts As An Anti-Depression, Energy After-Burner And Aids In Weight-Loss!

048)  Got Frostbite?  You’ll Know Frostbite Remedies That You’ll Only Get In The 2012 U-AAASPTP.  You’ll Get Different Frostbite Remedies From Doctors And The Medical Proof Behind Them And Remedies From Experienced Survivalists So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!  Plus You’ll Know 75+ Cold Weather Survival Tricks To Survive Killer Cold Weather Environments When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP.

049)  This Trick Probably Saved My Life More Than A Few Times!  You’ll Know How To Stay Warm In Below Freezing Weather Using Real LIFE-SAVING Sauna In A Can.  It Saved My Freezing And Going Hypothermic Butt Even When I Was Soaking Dripping Wet In Almost Freezing Weather!  In My Humble Opinion, This One Single Survival Trick Is Worth The Entire Price Of The 2012 U-AAASPTP Cause It Could Save Your Life And The Lives Under Your Care That Depend On You. (Video)

050)  No Drinking Water?  You’ll Know 15+ Life-Saving Water Gathering Tricks That Work!  They Come From The REAL Survivors From Aboriginal Indian Tribes To Some Extremely Savvy Animals!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Break Time – Read These Testimonials<<<<<<<<<<<<


Your program is so good it should be required reading for all the elite units of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Govt. law enforcement agencys.  Worth every damn penny if only for the peace of mind.  I have several gurus, Tom Brown, Chris Janowsky, Ron Hood, Don Paul, and now Joseph A. Laydon Jr.”

Sidney D.E., MA  29 Dec. 1999


I wish I had the survival info when I was driving a tank thru Germany in 45.  You have a wide ranging & inquisitive mind & God-given ability to be able to present your information in a clear, down-to-Earth manner.  You are unique force for good & the world could sure use a lot more like you!”

Pete P., IL  12 Feb. 2000


“Very well done… I like the whole package.  The wilderness info. is my personal favorite.  Your survival (wilderness) info. will save lives if used.  Anyone who explores off the path should practice these techniques.”

Tom W., Ohio  16 Dec. 1999

>>>>>>End Of Break Time – Let’s Start With This True Cancer Remedy<<<


051)  Fish Are Lip-Smaking Tasty Uh.  You May Not Be A World Class Angler (fisherman), But You’ll Know 239+ Fishing Tricks To Dang Near 100% Guarantee You Fish Vittles Anywhere On The Earth – Even In The Middle Of The Ocean.  Many Of These Fishing Tricks Work So Good They’re Provably Illegal In Non-Survival Situations.  See 2012 U-AAASPTP – Package 17.

052)  Throughout ALL 46 Newsletters You’ll Learn HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS Of Survival Tricks Used By Them Savvy Critters From Dirt To Plants To Insects To Big Game!  Many Of These Survival Tricks Work So Good You’re Guaranteed Survival Success!  Learn And Copy Cat Them Critter “Survival Experts” So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere.  Keep Reading For A Small Fraction Of These Neat Critter Survival Tricks!

053)  Harris Hawks Work Together To Get Those Tasty Jackrabbits!  You’ll Learn And Copycat Their Neat Survival Trick So You Can Cook-Up Some Small Game Too!  Just 01 Of HUNDREDS Of Smart Critter Survival Tricks In The 2012 U-AAASPTP!

054)  People Are Gonna Call You A Bad Ass Mountain Man!  You’ll Know 50+ International Traps & Snares That Work So Good Most Are Illegal – Banned In Non-Survival Situations!  I Know, I Checked The Laws In Illinois!  But In My Humble Opinion, When Your Precious Life And Those Under Your Care Are On The Line, Ain’t No Jury In This Land Will Every Convict You.  You’ll Know How-To Make Em’ Work So Good – You’ll Not Go Hungry!

055)  Old West Cowboys Had A Few Emergency Survival Tricks To Find Water In The Endless Unforgiving Desert Environments Of The Southwestern United States.  You’ll Learn ALL Of Them In The 2012 U-AAASPTP!

056)  I’ll Show You How To Make A Navigating Compass For Less Than A Penny And You Can Walk And Run With It Too!  Better Than The Fake Working Compass You Saw On The Movie – The Edge! (Video)

057)  Got A Knife?  Guess What?  It’s A Compass Too.  You’ll Know How To Navigate Anywhere On Earth Using A Dull Or Sharp Knife!  You’ll See Everything! (Video)

058)  Never Give Up.  You’ll Know How To Get Water Where None Can Be Seen – No Digging! (Video)

059)  Hey, People Die When They Get Hopelessly Lost.  Not You.  No Compass?  You’ll Know How To Navigate Anywhere On Earth Using A Toothpick, Car Key, Match, 3-Inch Twig…!  And 30 More Navigation Tricks! (Video)  You’ll Get Everything And A Ton More When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP.

060)  That Fence Wire Is Good For Something Too!  You’ll Know How To Start A Life-Saving Signal Fire Using A Coat Hangar, Fence Wire…! (Video)

061)  People Have Died And Will Die Because They Couldn’t Start A Fire To Literally Save Their Lives.  You’ll Know How To Start Plenty Of Life-Saving Fires Literally Using The Shirt Off Your Back, Your Pants,…!  I’ll Show You 02 Life-Saving Tricks! (Video)

062)  Gotta Sta+++rt An Emergency Fire?  I’ll Tell You About An Easily Ignitable Tinder Used By Them Savvy Pioneers That Needed A Fire NOW!

063)  And Speaking Of Tinders!  I’ll Tell You How Indians Prepared Plain Ol’ Grass So Just A Spark Will Fire It Up For A Life-Saving Blazing Fire!

064)  Hey Turn That Yukky Dark Water Into Drinkable Water!  How To Filter That Nasty, Smelly, Dark Water To Clear Sparkling Water Using This Method That Defies Gravity!  I Call It The Spider Filter.  Water Is Purified Afterwards Via Boiling. (Video)

065)  This Herb Has Many Uses.  You’ll Know How To Stop Bleeding (No Doctor) – Apply This Herb To Stop Bleeding On The Spot!  And I Use It For Other Uses That I’ll Tell You About.

066)  Arapaho Indians Had Their Own Unique Survival Tricks!  They Had Their Own Arapaho Baby Powder To Prevent Aggravating Skin Rash, Chafing,… and 12 More Arapaho Survival Tricks You Gotta Know!  You’re Learning From the REAL SURVIVORS when you get you own 2012 U-AAASPTP.

067)  Got An Open Wound?  You’ll Know How To Use An Insect That Can Actually Sew-Up Your Open Bleeding Wounds, Cuts,… In The Absence Of A Doctor!

068)  Here’s A Herb To Neutralize Killer Snake Venom Or Use This Other Ingredient I’ll Tell You About To Soak-Up The Killer Snake Venom!

069)  The Tohono O’Odham And Pima Indians Lived In The Unforgiving Desert Environment Of Southwestern United States.  These World Class Survival Experts Had Some Ingenious Survival Tricks Like – How To Get Thousands Of Gallons Of Water In Their Dried-Up Homeland!  You’ll Know What They Did And 13 More Of Their Own Survival Tricks!

070)  Before Lightning Zaps You, Odds Are You’ll See _________ Happen To You Or Somebody Next To You!  It Means Killer Lightning Is A Few Seconds Away!

071)  Did You Know There Are Certain Trees More Likely To Attract Lightning Strikes (no it’s not their height either)! When Mother Nature Is Raising Hell, Stay Away From These Lightning Magnets.

072)  In Trouble?  You’ll Know How To Use Any Rope That Ties It’s Own Rescue Knots!  This Ain’t Magic – It’s Real!  Just Toss The Rope Down And About Every Foot Through The Entire Length Of The Rope There’s An Overhand Knot To Grab Onto To Climb Up Or Down To Safety!

073)  Unless You’re A Polar Bear, Most Folks Hate Crossing Cold Water Obstacles (rivers, lakes, ponds).  You’ll Know 10 Life-Saving Methods To Cross Killer Frigid Water Obstacles!  Only Thru IRISAP when you Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP.

074)  Besides International Traps And Snares For Big & Small Game, I’ll Give You The Edibility Test For 300,000 Plants!  I’m No Botanist And Odd Are Neither Are You.  You’ll Know How To Test 300,000 Plants For Edibility!  Them THOUSANDS Of Edible  Plants  Ain’t No Tasty Cheeseburger, But They’ll Save Your Life Anytime Anywhere.

075)  No Watch?  You’ll Know How To Make Your Own Clock Using Rocks!  You Can Even Use YourOwn Body To Tell Time!(Video)

076)  I Always Teach My Subscribers That You Gotta Have A Weapon At ALL TIMES – 24/7.  You’ll Know How To Make 10 Weapons So Deadly They’ll Give YOU Tarzan-Like CONFIDENCE To AVOID Fear & Panic Anytime Anywhere!

077)  The Weather Will Kill You DEAD!  You’ll Know How To Make 14 Shelters To Protect YOU And Keep YOU Warm From The Worst Miserable, Killer Weather!

078)  I Civilianized A Formula Used By Elite Military Units To AVOID Killer Survival Threats Like Bad Guys Wanting To KILL Em’!  You Can Use This Same Formula For All Your Outdoor Ventures Or Anything You Can Think Of So Your ALWAYS Safe And Successful 24-Hours A Day! (Video)  I’ll Give You This Formula And Others That Could SAVE YOUR LIFE When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP today.

079)  Again, You’ll Learn 99+ Healings From All Over The Globe And Throughout History.  This Man Was Sent Home To Take Care Of His Affairs And Soon Die From Heart Disease.  A Friend Gave Him This Powerful Herb And The Next Morning He Was Shovelling Snow!!!  He Made A Miracle Recovery.  So Thankful For This Life-Saving Herb He Started His Own Company And Sold This Same Powerful Heart-Healing Herb!  I’ll Tell You Everything.

080)  Set Em’ Up And Forget Em’!  You’ll Know How To Set-up Rescue Signal Methods That Work On Demand Or 24-Hours A Day To Alert Search Parties Looking For You!

081)  Nothing Is Working?  Most Will Give-Up And Die!  You’ll Know How To Use This Mind-Over-Matter To Application To Live Without Food & Water For Days, Weeks…!  What Have You Got To Lose, You’re Gonna Die Anyway If You Don’t Do Something!  Do Something Even If It’s Wrong, For Doing NOTHING Is The Worst Thing You Can Do In Any Survival Situation.

082)  Crickets Are Great Fish Bait.  You’ll Know How To Use This Neat “Trick” From Thailand To Easily Capture Bunches Of Chirping Crickets For Protein-Rich Food Or For Fish Bait For Those Hungry Fat Fish You’re About To Catch!  This “Trick” Works So Good You May Get More Than You’ll Ever Need To Survive Anytime Anywhere!  Why Buy Them When You Can Get More Crickets Than You Can Use.

083)  It’s Called Israeli Lace And It Can Remedy Foot Pain Right Then And There And Has Dozens Of Other Uses!  I’ll Tell You The True Story Behind Israeli Lace! (Video)

084)  They’re Trying To Warn You!  You’ll Know How To Detect These WARNING COLORS That Will Tell You That Plant, That Fish, That Insect… Are Deadly To Eat Or Have Killer Venom!

085)  I Teach My Subscribers (YOU) To Stay Put At Night.  But If You Must, You’ll Know How To Navigate Using The Combination of These 2 Star Constellations! (Video)

086)  Can’t See Any Stars?  But You Can See The Moon – You’ll Know This Neat Trick Using The Moon As Your Night Compass.  However, My Advice Is To Make Camp 02 Hours Before Nightfall.

087)  You’re Going To Get A Lot Of Data On Killer Tornadoes.  You’ll Know This Location Of Your House To Survive A Direct Hit By A Killer Twisting Tornado!

088)  Before You Go Outdoors On Your Next Adventure You Have To  Make This Multi-Use Tool.  It Will Help You Walk, Give You Confidence, Protect You, Catch Snakes, Keep Time, Cross Rivers, Alert Search Parties…!

089)  If They Don’t Kill You They’ll Sting You Hundreds – Thousands Of Times.  You’ll Know How To Use This Trick To Put Those Killer Bees In A Drowsy Lazy Hypnotized State!

090)  There Are Several Plants That Will Absolutely STUN FISH So Good They’ll Float To The Surface!  You’ll Know Several Ways To Easily Stun Dozens Of Fish – They’ll Float Up To You – Just Grab Em’!  Works So Good They’re Illegal In Non-Survival Situations!  I’ll Show You More International Fishing Tricks Than You Can Use In A Life Time When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP.

091)  Plus Here’s A How To Use A Common Kitchen Ingredient To Absolutely Stun Dozens Of Fish – They Float Right Up To You – Just Grab Em’!  It Works So Good, It’s Illegal In Non-Survival Situations)!

092)  I’ll Show You Several Mind-Over-Matter Application To Tolerate And Survive Killer Threats That Have Already Killed Countless Of “Clueless” Survivors Throughout The World (past, present and future)!

093)  Comanche Indians Were World Class Horseman.  Even The Famous Texas Rangers Praised Their Horsemanship.  And Their Survival Tricks Were 2nd To None Too.  You’ll Learn More Than 17 Comanche & Texas Ranger Survival Tricks Like The Fantastic Texas Ranger Snake Bite Remedy Which Requires NO Doctor, NO Snake Bite Kit, NO Ice, NO Modern Nuthin!  Only When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP.

094)  Doctors Use To Think This Was Pure B.S.  You’ll Know How To Use Your Own Healing Power To Heal Yourself & Outdoor Buddies When There Are No Doctors!  I Actually Completed Training In This Alternative Therapy.  To Prove It Works, Instead Of Trying It On A Human, I Tried It On One Of My Cats Who Had An Infection On His Back.  I Used This Healing Power And The Cat Kept Looking Back Wondering What Was “Invisibly Touching” Him!!!

095)  They’re Everywhere.  You’ll Know How To Safely Capture Plenty Of Squirrels For Tasty Meals Without Firing A Single Shot!

096)  I’ll Teach You How To Make The Most Stubborn Tinder To Readily Ignite For A Life-Saving Fire.  You’ll Know What To Do With ANY Tinder So A Simple Spark Will Ignite It More Readily! (Video)

097)  Just About Any Surface With A Reflecting Surface Has Several Uses.  You’ll Know How To Use Just About Any Reflecting Surface To Start A Life-Saving Fire! (Video)

098)  The World Class Survival Experts – The Hazdabe Out Of Tanzania, Africa Have Their Own Survival Tricks I’ll Tell You About And One Of Them Was A Powerful Poison To Bring Down Big Game And I Ain’t Talking About No Sissy White-Tailed Deer.  I’ll Tell You Exactly How They Made It Plus Several Other Hazdabe Survival Tricks.  Only the 2012 U-AAASPTP Has This Survival Trick And THOUSANDS More In The 2012 U-AAASPTP.

099)  Don’t Throw That Soda Bottle Away.  You’ll Know How To Use A Soda Bottle To Capture Tasty Ducks – Just Pull Em’ In!  Yes, That Soda Bottle Can Also Be Used To Make An Emergency Signal Torch That Burns Super Bright For More Than 02-Minutes. (Video)

100)  Survival Kits Can Save Your Life!  But MOST Are Fake!  I Don’t Know If They Don’t Know Any Better Or They’re Ripping You Off – Plus They Cost Too Much.  I’ll Show You How To Make Your Own True Survival Kits So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!  You’ll See Everything In A Video I’ll Send You!  And I’ll Send You Several Hand-Made 75+ Use Survival Kit When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP! (Video)

101)  I’ll Show You Several Specially Selected Fire Pits To INSURE You Get A Sure Start Survival Fire!  I’ll Show You A Simple One I Use All The Time! (Video)

102)  Can’t Swim?  I’ll Show You How To Use An Old Throw-Away Tire To Save Your Life When You Gotta Float To Safety!  Hey, Old Tires Are Everywhere.  Use Em’ To Float To Safety.

103)  There Isn’t An Animal Walking This Earth That Can Tolerate This Powerful Herb.  You’ll Know About A POWERFUL Herb That You Can Use As A Weapon To Fight-Off Attacking Predators And As A Healing Concoction For Yourself, Your Friends,…! (Video)

104)  What’s The Weather Forecast?  You’ll Know More Than 75+ Ways To Forecast Weather Like Using Your Own Campfire!  It’s Telling You Good Or Killer Weather Is Coming Your Way!  Only When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP.

105)  These Critters Hurt Painfully Bad.  You’ll Know About Extreme Pain-Causing And KILLER Scorpions & Spiders That Will Kill You Dead Dead If You’re “Clueless”!  PLUS You’ll Learn How To Counter Their Killer Venom From A Secret Out Of Central America!

106)  You’ll Learn The Inside Facts On Many Small Game And Big Game Animals That Are Smarter Than You Think!  I’ll Tell You About One Species That Is Near You Right Now!  They Work Together Like A Military Machine To Solve Problems!  They Have Attacked And Killed People In Their Own Homes!  They’ve Even Attacked Policemen!  You Have To Know About These Smart But Ornery Territorial Critters.

107)  If You’re Caught In A Forest Fire Odds Are You’ll Be Roasted To Death.  You’ll Know The Facts On Firestorms, Firestorms That No One Can Outrun Nor Escape UNLESS You Know These Life-Saving Facts!

108)  Pine Cones Will Feed You And It’s Also Used As A Weather Forecaster.  You’ll Know How To Use A Single Pine Cone To Predict Weather – It’s Trying To Tell You Something.  Plus I’ll Give You 75+ More Neat Weather Forecasting Tricks So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere On Earth!

109)  You’ll Learn The Inside Secrets That Could SAVE YOUR LIFE When Attacked By Bears, Mountain Lions,…!  Like What NEVER NEVER To Do To Switch-On The Bear’s, Mountain Lion’s… Predatory Response That Will Have Them Attack You At Full Speed – You Can’t Outrun Them!  Plus I’ll Tell You How Indians “Disappeared” When They Were Attacked By Big Game (Bear)!  PLUS, I’ll Tell You How The Military (Marine Force Recon & Army Special Forces [Green Berets]) Perfected This Indian Survival Trick To “Mentally Disappear In Thin Air.”  Only In The 2012 U-AAASPTP.

110)  People Unnecessarily Die All The Time In Flash Floods And Floods They Knew Were Coming!  You’ll Know Killer Flood Facts That You Gotta Know.  You’ll Also Know About Rope Tricks And Titanic-Proof Rafts You Can Use To SAVE YOUR LIFE And Your Loved Ones!

111)  Many Died Cause They Let Their Imagination Wander.  You’ll Know How Your Own Imagination Can Kill You DEAD.  Fear And Panic Will Overwhelm You And Kill You Dead!

112)  You’ll Know The Inside Wilderness Secrets On Beavers, White-Tailed Jackrabbit, Black-Tailed Jackrabbits, Coyotes, White-Tailed Deer,… So You Can Capture Them For Tasty Dinners In A Survival Environment.

113)  YES, As You Know I’m A Solid Believer In Mind-Over-Matter Cause As A Young Boy It Happened To Me Many Many Times And I Didn’t Ask For It!  It Was Natural!  Here’s One Of 11 Mind-Over-Matter Applications You Gotta Know!  You’ll Know How To Use Colors To Help Heal Yourself And Your Outdoor Buddies In A Survival Situation!  If You Don’t Believe In It Ain’t Nuthin’ Gonna Happen.  But If You Truly Believe Guess What?

114)  How To Start A Life-Saving Fire Using A Regular Straw And Paper That Burns Like A Jet Engine!  You’ll See Everything In A Video I’ll Send You! (Video)

115)  How To Know How The Lack Of Water Can Destroy Your Memory, Turn You Into A Babbling Idiot And Have You Make Deadly Mistakes One Right After The Other Till You’re Another Dead Statistic!

116)  Your Own Hair Can Forecast The Weather!  As A Matter Of Fact Hair Was Actually Used By The US Navy To Forecast Weather During World War II!  Plus You’ll Learn 75+ Other Neat Weather Forecasting Tricks So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!

117)  I’ve Always Said That Prisoners Are Forced To Invent.  Prisoners Of War (POWs) Had Their Own Unique Survival Tricks That Improved & Saved Their Lives In Their Imprisoned And Isolated Environments!  Learn 300+ POW Survival Tricks And Add Them To Your Arsenal Of THOUSANDS REAL Survival Tricks From The Real Survivors!  Only Found In The 2012 U-AAASPTP!

118)  Blizzards Kill The “Clueless” All The Time!  You’ll Know The Facts On Frigid Killer Blizzards And How-To Avoid & Even Survive Them Even If You’re Soaking Shiverring Cussing Wet!

119)  What Are You Gonna Do When You See This Color Off The Horizon – You Better Take Cover Now, Cause You Can’t Outrun It – It Advances Real Quick And It’s Miles Wide!  It Could Suffocate You To Death Right Where You Stand!

120)  Living In The Wilderness, This Modern Day Survivor / Fugitive Was On The “FBIs 10 Most Wanted Fugitives”.  He Evaded The Wrath Of The FBI, US Marshals, And Local Law Enforcement For 05-Years!  You’ll Learn Several Of His Own Wilderness Survival Tricks (19+) That You Gotta Know So You’re Extra Ready Anytime Anywhere.  And You’ll Read How I Wrote And Told The FBI How To Capture This Savvy Wilderness Fugitive!  NO, They Never Took My Advice, But You Should Wisely Take My Experienced Advice.

121)  National Geographic Is One Of My Favorite Magazines Cause They’re International And They Tell It Like It Is (Good Or Bad).  And This Is The First Time That I Know Of That Anyone Has “Intensively Researched” Real Survival Tricks And Consolidated Them In One Printing.  You’ll Learn 39+ National Geographic (NG) Survival Tricks And I Guarantee You’ll Be More Ready Anytime Anywhere And Probably Become A Subscriber To NG.

122)  Old West Cowboys Had Their Own Unique Survival Tricks And I’ll Tell You About 09 Of Them.  Like The How They Used “Fox Fire” To Forecast Killer Storms!

123)  Is It Gonna Rain – Snow Or Not?  I’ll Give You A Probability Of Rain And Snow Chart That Works Anywhere In The Northern Hemisphere!

124)  What Are You Gonna Do When You’re Up To Your Neck In Snow And It’s Storming?  You’ll Know & Use This Shelter That Polar Bears Easily Build To Protect Themselves Against 100-mph Arctic Blast Of Cold Air That Could Kill An Unprotected Man In Just Seconds!


>>>>>>>>>>>>>Break Time Again – Read These Testimonials<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Best firestarting technique when one is stuck… Thanks for the _____, I wasn’t expecting that – nice suprise… The references (POCs) are very good.”

Charles L., Colorado – 31 Jan. 2000

“A terrific amount of information like never seen before.  I feel this information could save someone’s life…”

William E. S., Minnesota – 08 Feb. 2000


“Yes, I’ve been interested in survival for many years and have attended several survival schools including the reknowned Tom Brown Jr. & recently, a 2 day session with Cody Lundin & Joe Laydon’s Program is even more thorough & neither Tom & Cody are no slouches in the field … found his self-defence techniques practical … if Mr. Laydon makes a promise regarding IRISAP you can count on him to come through…  his fire-starting … far exceed any previous training I’ve had.

Jerome A. M., Arizona – 26 Dec. 2000


“Joe, your package is clear, concise, informative, broad based, complete with…  The combination of pencil illustration, videos, and text plus step by step info on the development stage, trial and error, tips for safe application and most important prevention tips at the outset are invaluable.  Many books, periodicals, catalogs, are already in  my personal library, However, in comparison, the totality of information you provide on topics as… is vastly superior.  Many thanks, God Bless.”

Thomas K., NV – 04 Jan. 2001

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End Of Break Time – Let’s Start With Suffocating Snow<<<<<<<<<<<<


125)  Avalanches Will Kill You Dead In A Few Minutes.  You’ll Know The Killer SUFFOCATING Facts On Snow Avalanches So You Can AVOID Them In The First Place And Survive Them If Your Trapped!

126)  Yes, Even That Scum On The Water Is A Great Weather Forecaster!  You’ll Know How To Forecast Killer Weather Using The Scum On Water!  Just 1 Of 75+ Field-Expedient Weather Forecasting Tricks You’ll Know So You’re The Hero Instead Of A Dead Statistic!

127)  I’m Gonna Show You The BEST 11 Mind-Over-Matter Applications That You Can Use Today To Improve Your Daily Life And You Can Use In A Killer Survival Situation!

128)  There’s A Lot Of Home Invasions That End In Robberies, Rapes And Murders!  You’ll Know REAL Secretive Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Tactics You Gotta Know About To SAVE YOUR LIFE When A Home Invasion Happens To You!  Don’t Buy That Crap From Authors That Have Absolutely No CQB Experience Nor Advanced Marksmanship!  You’ll Get The Real Stuff From Me – Plain, Simple And To The Point And I Tell You Why It Works!

129)  Can’t Hit The Broadside Of A Barn?  You’ll Know How To Use Advanced Pistol And Rifle Fundamentals And Drills You Can Use To Have You Comfortably Shooting Accurately With Confidence For Sport And To Save Your Life When Your Life Is Threatened!  Don’t Buy That Crap From Authors That Have Absolutely No Real Experience With Pistol & Rifle Marksmanship!  Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP today!

130)  How To Use This Weather Forecasting Trick That’s Even Quoted In The Bible.  Look For This Color At Dawn And Dusk To Avoid Being Out In This Killer Weather!

131)  A Killer Earthquake Is About To Hit!  You’ll Know Several Proven Tricks That Forecast Earthquakes And These Earthquake Forecasters Are Critters!  Them Critters Have The Natural Ability To Forecast Earthquakes And You’ll Know Several Earthquake Forecasters So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!  Plus You’ll Know 75+ Weather & Natural Forecasting Tricks When You Get Your Own 60+ pound 2012 U-AAASPTP.

132)  How To Use POWERFUL Hypnosis For Yourself To Improve Your Everyday Life And How-To Hypnotize Your Buddies To Survive In A Survival Environment!  Zap Em’ Into Tarzan-Like Survivors!  Plus I’ll Tell You About A Fantastic Hypnotic Trick You Can Use On That Barely Surviving Survivor And They’ll Never Know You Zapped Into Your Wishes!  Plus Without Any Hypnosis Training, I’ll Show You How To Hypnotize Anyone Using This One Neat Trick.  Read All About It In The 2009 Newsletter And Try It On A Friend.

133)  The Cricket Can Really Help You Figure Out The Outside Air Temperature!  I’ll Give You The Real History Behind It And The Real & Easy Formula To Estimate Outside Air Temperature!

134)  Those Mushrooms Can Taste Awfully Good!  You’ll Know The Inside Facts On Mushrooms Or Die Cause You’re “Clueless!”  Plus You’ll Know Mushrooms That Are Mighty Tasty Like “Chicken Of The Woods!”

135)  I’m Gonna Send You Several 75+ Use True Survival Kits.  I’ll Show You How To Turn It Into A  Super BRIGHT Torch To Signal Search Parties Miles Away Or Start Your Warming Fire, Fight-Off Predators,…!  You’ll See Everything In A Video I’m Gonna Send YOU When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP. (Video)

136)  Going Out In The Freezing Cold?  I’ll Show You How To Precondition Your Body To Tolerate Cold Weather  And Why It Works.  Plus I’ll Tell You My Own Mind-Over-Matter Application To Turn-Off Feeling Cold And I Can Switch It On Or Off Anytime I Want!  I’m Telling You, I’ve Been There Many Many A Cold, Cussing,  Miserable Times.  I’ll Tell You How I Survived Bitterly Cold Soaking Wet Weather And How The Baddest To Ever Walk The Earth Survived Their Cold Weather Environments Anytime Anywhere!  Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP Today So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!

137)  I’m Gonna Give You HUNDREDS Of International Survival Tricks Used By Native Survivors That Have Fed Them, Protected Them, Warmed Them, Medicated Them,… For Hundreds – Thousands Of Years!  From American Indians To Australian Aborigines, To African Tribesmen, To Venezuelan Indians!  You’ll Copy-Cat Their “Tricks” To Stun, Hypnotize, Trap, Snare,… Piles Of Food To Eat Or To Use As Bait To Catch Bigger Tastier Game To Survive Anytime Anywhere!

138)  The Best Defense Against Sharks Is Knowing The Inside Facts About Them Hungry All-Teeth Critters!  You’ll Know Inside Historical Facts On Killer Sharks Like The Times They’re Most Likely To Attack, Where Attacks Occurred, What Sharks Attack And As A Last Resort You’ll Know How-To Really Hypnotize A Shark To Save Your Life!  And You’ll Know This Repellent  Used By Survivors Of The USS Independence During WWII.  Only From IRISAP When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP!

139)  You Gotta Lie!  This Is The Only Time I’ll Outright Lie And So Should You!  You’ll Know How To Use Outright Lying When Applying First-Aid To An Injured Survivor!  Even The US Military Teaches Its Soldiers To Outright Lie Cause It Works!

140)  No Water?  You And Those In Your Care Are Hurtn’ Real Bad.  You Tried Every Trick That You Know To Procure Water But Nuthin’, Not A Drop.  Here’s A Water Gathering Trick That Accumulates Gallons Of Water And Much More Is Coming!  Plus You’ll Know 99+ Water Survival Tricks.

141)  I’m Gonna Give You 02 Simple 3rd Grade Math Formulas To Estimate The Distance Of Storms And Their Arrival Time So You’ll Be Ready Anytime Anywhere!

142)  Baking Soda Has Many Uses And I’ll Give You 13 Outdoor Uses For Your Next Outdoor Adventure.  Don’t Leave Home Without It!

143)  How Far Is That Deer, House, Man,…  I’ll Give You A Simple Formula To Estimate Range Without Expensive Rangefinders.  This Accurate Method Is Used By US Army Special Forces (Green Berets) Snipers To “Dial-In” On Their Targets But You Can Use This Easy Formula To Accurately Estimate Range To Anything! PLUS, I’ll Show You How To Estimate Range Using Coins And Other Very Common Objects – Only From IRISAP So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!  I’ll Tell You Everything When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP today!

144)  I’ll Tell You About The Most Dangerous & Deadliest Animals Walking, Crawling, Swimming,… On Earth!  Like The One That Killed – Massacred 1,000 Armed, Battle-Proven Japanese Soldiers During WWII And The Killing Still Continues To This Very Day – Right Now As You Read This Special Report!  Or How About This Small Hand-Sized Animal That Is So Deadly Toxic, It’s Rated To Kill 20,000 Rats Within 10 Minutes!  What If You Just Barely Barely Touched It – You’re Screwed – Only A Miracle From God Almighty Can Save You!  You’ll Also Know About Loads Of Revealing Plants, Insects, Small Game Animals, Big Game Animals,… That Will Hurt You, KILL YOU, And Show You No Mercy – Cause It’s Simply There Way!  See “119+ Poisonous Plants, Critters And Other Poisons” in the A-Z Index Video.  Only In The 2012 U-AAASPTP.

145)  This Concoction Sucks-Up Killer Toxins Inside (capsules) And Outside Your Body!  It Could Save Your Life.  It Works So Good All Military Units Worldwide Use It!  I’ll Show You How To Make Your Own Batch And I’ll Give You A POC For The Authentic Product!

146)  I Already Told You About Advanced Fire-Starting “Rub Your Shoe On A Rock” For A Life-Saving Fire.  I’ll Give You An Improved Ultra Advanced “Rub Your Shoe On A Rock” For a Life-Saving Fire!  Both Advanced And Ultra-Advanced Are Designed For Cold Weather Environments When You’re So Cold Your Hands And Fingers WILL NOT WORK!  But You Still Have The Weight Of Your Body To Start A Life-Saving Fire!  My Own World Record For The Ultra-Advanced “Rub Your Shoe On A Rock” Is A Short 1 1/2 Seconds!  Better Than Rubbing Two Sticks Together Uh! (Video)  Only In The 2012 U-AAASPTP!

147)  Can’t Start An Emergency Fire?  I’ll Show You 02 Personal Care Products You Use All The Time That Will Get That Fire Going To Warm You Up Real Quick!  My Own SECRET R & D!  All It Takes Is 01 Single Drop For A Life-Saving Fire!

148)  It Actually Absorbs THOUSANDS OF POUNDS Of Painful Weight While You’re Trekking Through The Woods!  Make It Yourself And It Propels Speeding POWERFUL Darts!  Use It As A Weapon, Use It For Many Other Outdoor Activities! (Video)

149)  Where The Heck Is The Water Coming From When Everything Around  Is Bone Dry?  There’s NO Rain, NO Lakes, NO Ponds, NO Streams, NO Underground Spring, NO Nuthin’!  I’ll Tell You A Neat Prehistoric Survival Trick That Has A Small Body Of Water You Can Swim In Appear Out Of Thin Air Like Magic!  Folks, I’m Not Joking When It Comes To Your Survival Anytime Anywhere!  I’ll Not Only Tell You About, I’ll Tell You EXACTLY How Those Prehistoric Survivors Did It!  As A Matter Of Fact It’s Being Used Today!  Only A Few Know Of It And How To Do This Amazing Prehistoric Water ‘Out Of Nowhere’ Trick!

150)  Hold The Phone.  Here’s Another Gotta Know Water Procurement Trick That GRABS GALLONS OF WATER Of Thin Air – Really, It Grabs Gallons And Gallons Of Water Out Of The Air!  Just Set It Up And Forget It.  It’s Being Used Right Now In South America And You Can Copy It So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!

151)  Brush Your Teeth Yet?  Yes, Toothpaste Can Be Used For An Emergency Life-Saving Fire-Starting. Another One Of My Inventions And I Give The Exact Name Of This Toothpaste And The Word-For Word Instructions To Use It To Save Your Life And Those Under Your Care.  Emergency Fire-Starting Using Toothpaste, Again, Only From IRISAP.

152)  Rinse Your Mouth Yet?  Yes, Again Only From IRISAP, Mouthwash Can Be Used To Start An Emergency Life-Saving Fire!  It’s Quick And Easy And Like Everything Else, I Tell You EVERYTHING!  Listen, I’m Not Bragging But I’m One Of The World Leading Experts In LEGAL Emergency Fire-Starting.  I Invent – Discover New Ways To Start Emergency Fires Using Common Items You’re Going To Take To The Woods With You Anyway Like Personal Care Products, First-Aid Products,…  OK, Here’s Another One Of My Ultra-Advanced Fire-Starting Tricks – Using Shampoo!!!!  Only From IRISAP – Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP Today!

153)  Wash Your Hair Yet?  Now That You Got Your Hair Washed, Let’s Use Another Brand Of Shampoo To Get You A Warming Fire Going.  It’s Easy And Quick And Again I Hold Nothing Back.  Copyrighted Ultra-Advanced Fire-Starting Only From IRISAP!  When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP, You’ll Know 399+ Fire-Starting And Fire Sustaining Applications – only from IRISAP.

154)  Oils That Are Super Beneficial To Your Health Inside And Out.  I’ll Send You Special Report #203 “Six Healing Oils You Can’t Live Without!” This Special Report reveals 06 Special Oils that have several dozen benefits “You Can’t Live Without.”

155)  Poisons Are All Around You Right Now, This Very Second And Many Poisonous Plants Are So Deadly You Might Have Time To Say Good-Bye To Loved Ones.  Did You Know There Are Poisonous Plants, Critters,… That Are Outright Killers And I Tell You About Em’, Even How To Make Some Killer Concoctions So To Capture Your Next Critter Meal In A Survival Situation.  When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP, You’ll Know “119+ Poisonous Plants, Critters And Other Poisons” So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!

156)  Here’s Another Advanced Weather Forecasting Trick.  You’ll Know How To Forecast Weather Using An Old Radio That’s Tuned To NOTHING – NOTHING!  Yep, It’s Making Weird Noises – It’s Trying To Tell You Something!  Very Few (except IRISAP subscribers) Know The Magic To This Trick And 75+ Other Neat Weather Forecasting Tricks!

157)  No Light?  You’ll Know How To Get Illumination By Slapping Plastic Wrap!  I’ll Send You Some When I Send You Your 75+ Use Survival Kit!  Plus You Can Use It To Make A Compass, First-Aid, Allergies,…!

158)  Those Pesky Ants Have Multiple Uses.  You’ll Know 02 Ways To Use Ants To Help Heal You And Prevent Chronic Itching From Lice That Carry Disease!

159)  You Should Always Have Alternate Ways To Find Direction Even If You Have A Compass.  You’ll Know How To Use 30+ Tricks To Find Direction When You Don’t Have A Compass Or You Can Use Em’ To Confirm Your Compass Reading!  These 30+ Navigational Tricks Could SAVE YOUR LIFE! (Video)

160)  How To Use Several Weather Forecasting Tricks You Can Learn From By Simply Listening And Watching The Birds!  Just A Few Of 75+ Weather Forecasting Tricks!

161)  Here’s A Neat Trick To STOP An Attacking Lion With A ________________ Concoction.  If It Could STOP The King Of The Jungle It Will STOP Any Angry Attacking Critter!

162)  Snowball On Fire!  You’ll Know How To Use A Snow Ball As A Fuel Source To IGNITE A Fire, Fuel Source For A Fire, And Safely Carry The Fire To The Firepit!  You’ll See Everything In Ultra-Advanced Fire-Starting Video Part III! (Video)

163)  You’ll Get A Pile Of Survival Programs, SPECIAL Reports, And Videos To Insure You’re Aware Of Advanced Survival Applications So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!  They Could SAVE YOUR LIFE Where EVERYTHING Has Failed!

164)  Nanticoke Indians From Canada Had Many Neat Survival Tricks And I’ll Tell You 23 Of Them.  I’ll Show You A Neat Fishing Trick They Used To Blind Fish To Catch Piles Of Em’!

165)  Continuous Food Source!  I’ll Show You Several Easy Ways To Get The Food To Come To You Whether It’s Underwater For Tasty Fish Or On The Ground For Plenty Of Small Game.  Fish, Small Game And Big Game Are Compelled To Come And You’ll Be Waiting!  You’ll Know These Amazing Tricks When You Get 2012 U-AAASPTP!

166)  Native American Indians Had a Neat Trick To Focus In On Their Prey, Other Indians, Pioneers, Texas Rangers!  Plus I’ll Show You A Neat Trick To Instant 20/20 Eyesight In Case You Lose Your Glasses (you should always carry a backup pair when outdoors)!  This Neat Trick Real Works!  I’ve Used It Watching Television!

167)  Mohawk Women And Girls Were EXPERTS In Identifying And Using Edible Plants For Food.  They Used Common Dandelions For a Tasty Meal.  You’ll Know Their Savvy Survival Tricks And Hundreds More Indian Survival Tricks When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP!

168)  The Blackfoot Hunted Buffalo At Point Blank Range.  You Could Copy Cat This Neat Survival Trick To Hunt Other Big Game At Point Blank Range And Hundreds More Indian Survival Tricks When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP!

169)  Can’t Start A Fire To Save Your Only Life?  I’ll Tell You My Own Original Copyrighted Ultra-Advanced Fire-Starting Trick Using A Drop Or Two Of A Common First-Aid Ingredient!  Just Apply A Drop Or Two And Before You Can Say “Ultra-Advanced Fire-Starting” It’s Already Working To Blaze Away For A Life-Saving Warming Fire!  Just Another Of My TOP SECRET Inventions – Just For You So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!  Only From IRISAP – Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP Right Now!

170)  Yawalapiti Indians From The Unforgiving Amazon Jungles Of Central Brazil Near The Yawalapiti River Had Their Own Survival Tricks Like Stunning Fish So All They Had To Do Was Grab Them.  And You’ll Learn Several Ways To Absolutely Stun Fish When You Find Yourself In A Survival Situation!  You’ll Know Everything When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP!

171)  The Navajo Indians Used Many Herbs & Plants For Medicinal Uses Like Juniper Trees, Common Sage Brush, Cliff Rose, White Evening Primrose,  Silky Sophora,…  The Navajo Were Experts At Which Plants Helped Cure Many Maladies And You Can Learn From Their Many Lifetimes Of Real Survival When You Get Your Own  2012 U-AAASPTP!

172)  Out In The Super Cold Weather!  Well Let Me Tell You This – You’ll Learn Dozens & Dozens & Dozens Of World Class Cold Weather Survival Tricks From A Dozen Tribes That Lived In Cold Weather Environments.  You’ll Learn From The REAL SURVIVORS Like The Inuit, Tlingit, Haida And Tsimshian Indians In Southeast Alaska (panhandle), Athabascan Indians In The Interior, Eskimos In The Bearing Sea And Arctic Coasts, And Aleuts In The Aleutian Islands.  It Includes Several More Tribes In Canada And Neat Survival Tricks From Alaskan Pioneers That Braved The Unforgiving Alaskan Wilderness!

173)  Several Times Throughout The 2012 U-AAASPTP, I’ve Stated That Saliva – Spit (Animal & Human), May Aid To Heal Minor & Serious Wounds Cause Saliva Has Properties In It To Fight Germs, Bacteria,… And I Give You True Survival Stories To Back It Up.  And In the 2008 Newsletter I Give You Another True Story – “Devil Dog Licking Cure.”

174)  Throughout The 2012 U-AAASPTP, I Covered Mind-Over-Matter Applications.  Mind-Over-Matter Applications To Jump Forward In Time, Find Lost Things And Find Valuables, Cure Killer Cancer,…  And In The 2009 Newsletter, I Give You 04 More Mind-Over-Matter Applications That REALLY WORK As Long As YOU BELIEVE – TRULY BELIEVE!

175)  Catus Plants Have Amazing Uses You Have To Know As Soon As Possible.  From Indian Gator-Aid To Natural Tasty Diabetes Preventer.  When You Get Your Own 60-Pound 2012 U-AAASPTP, you’ll know 19+ Cactus Drinks, Foods, Medicines,… So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!

176)  Charcoal In Its Various Types Has Some Amazing Survival Uses Like Making Bricks To Medicinal Uses To Water Filtering.  You’ll Get 29+ Charcoal Uses When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP.

177)  I Stated Before That We Are All Very Fragile Creatures Of Comfort.  And Bitterly Cold Weather Has Taken Many A Lives And Could Easily Kill You Dead And All Your Loved Ones Under Your Care Until Now.  You’ll Know 101+ Cold Weather Survival Tricks So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere.  You’re The Hero And Those Under Your Care Are Alive Instead Of More Dead Statistics.  And To Compliment This – You Also Get 58+ Eskimo Survival Tricks!  No, You May Never See The Top Of The Earth, But Them Savvy Eskimo Survival Tricks Could Come In Handy Even In Your Neck Of The Woods – You Just Never Know!

178)  One Of My Subscribers Told Me The Segment I Did On The Comanche Indians And Texas Ranger Survival Tricks Was Great Survival And Of course It’s Based On 03-Year True Events Of A Texas Ranger Captured And Enslaved By His Captors – The Comanche Indians.  These Survival Tricks Will Enhance Your Survivalbility Especially For You Military Subscribers.

179)  I Want To Make Sure You Get MORE THAN YOUR MONEYS WORTH.  And A Small Part Is Including 139+ Concoctions.  These Concoctions Include Super Baits, Alternative Fuels, Baking Soda, Bubblegum, Poultices (bandages with healing ingredients), Alcohol, Caulking, Lice Killers, Fire-Proofing Clothes, Medicinals, Foods, Drinks, Insect Repellents, Insulators (body), Skunk Odor Removers, Bee Stings, Insect Bites, Insect Repellents, Poisons,…  Like Other Survival Tricks, I Actually Interviewed The Former Soldier Behind The Trujillo Anti-Malaria Concoction.   No Military Or Civilian Survival Courses Teach These Unknown Survival Tricks – Only From IRISAP.

180)  Mother Nature And All She Possesses Is The Indisputably The Most Powerful Force On Earth.  I Don’t Which Is A More SURE DEATH – Being Overwhelmed By Her Wrath Of Killer Cold Or Her Wrath Of Baking Heat Complimented With Severe Dehydration.  Both Affect Severely & Quickly Affect Both The Body And The Mind To A Quick Death.  You’ll Have The Survival Ammunition To Survive The Killer Cold And On The Other Side Of The Coin, You’ll Learn 99+ Desert Survival Tricks To Survive Desert And Desert-Type Environments – And Remember You’re Learning From The REAL SURVIVORS.  Again Only From IRISAP – See The A-Z Index Video.

181)  Imagine That You And Those Under Your Care Are Out In The Deep Wilderness And You Now Have A Fallen Casualty.  There Is No Doctor Around But You Gotta Do Something Cause You’re In-Charge.  When You Get Your 60-Pound 2012 U-AAASPTP You’ll Know 29+ Emergency First-Aid Acupressure Applications, 17+ Emergency First-Aid Reflexology Applications, 99+ Emergency Foods, 99+ Healings, 22+ Mind-Over-Matter Applications,…  I Still Remember An RI (Ranger Instructor) Yelling At A Ranger Student In The Mountain Phase.  We Just Come Under Small Arms Fire And The Patrol Leader Was Stunned – The RI Yelled “Ranger Do Something, Even If It’s Wrong.  Doing Nothing Is The Worst Thing You Can Do!!!”  Yes, I Left Out The Cussing, But My Point Is, No Matter The Situation, You’ll Have The Survival Ammunition To Do Something To Survive Anytime Anywhere.

182)  I’m Not Bragging, NO Hype, Just Telling You Like It Is – I Consider Myself One Of The Best Experts When It Comes To LEGAL Emergency Fire-Starting And Fire-Sustaining Anywhere On Earth.  When You Get Your Own 2012 U-AAASPTP, You’ll Know 399+ Fire-Starting & Fire Applications.  Of The Eight Elements Of Survival (Fire, Water, Shelter, First-Aid, Signal, Food, Weapons & Navigation), Pound For Pound – FIRE Is The Most Important (much more on this when you become a subscriber).  I’ve INVENTED Many Fire-Starting Applications And Still Continue To INVENT More – Only For My Subscribers – YOU!

183)  Back In 1992, I Was Teaching Small Unit Patrolling (Infantry Tactics) To Some SROTC Cadets Out At Baldwin Forest Near Milledgeville, Georgia.  One Cadet Came Near A Plant And He Went Down For The Count.  We Rushed Him To The Hospital Running All The Red Lights.  With Over 300,000+ Plants On The Earth, To This Day We Have No Idea What Plant Knocked Him Out.  However, You’ll Know 119+ Poisonous Plants, Critters, And Other Poisons,… When You Get Your Own 60-Pound 2012 U-AAASPTP.

184)  In May Of 1846 an 87-Member Wagon Train Known As The Donner Party Departed Missouri Enroute For California.  I (Author) “Intensely Researched” The Actions Of The Donner Party.  Their Route Delayed Them By Several Weeks And The Donner Party Was Trapped In The Deep Snow-Laden Sierra Mountains.  Their Survival Actions Are Historical And I Came To The Conclusion That One Single Ingredient Saved The Remaining Survivor’s Lives And This Ingredient Should Be Part Of Your Survival Gear.  In The February 2001 AASN (Newsletter) I’ll Tell You The Complete Story Of The Donner Party And Their LifeSaver And Several Other Cold Weather Survival Tricks The Donner Survivors Used So You’re More Ready Anytime Anywhere!

185)  Whether You’re A Hunter Or Not, You Need An Edge To Get Food ESPECIALLY In A Survival Situation.  Hey, You Gotta Eat.  Plants And Insects Are Readily Avaiable But What About All That Small And Big Game?  You’ll Know 75+ Animal Calls, Sounds, Signals And Decoys To Compel Small Game And Big Game To Come Within Point Blank Range!  Yes Even Compel Insect Bait To Come To You For Fishing – Like Crickets, Worms,…   These Are Real Survival Tricks Used By The Real Survivors.  Only From IRISAP.  And As I Stated Previously, You Also Get 50+ International Traps & Snares – Only From IRISAP.

186)  I’ll Say It Again “prisoners are forced to invent.”  To Insure You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere, You’ll Get Special Report #203 – “375+ International Prisoner Survival Tricks And More.”  These Are REAL Survival Tricks Used By POWs As Far Back As The American Civil War, WWII POWs, Korean War POWs, Vietnam POWs And Survival Tricks Used By Incarcerated Prisoners To Concentration Camp Prisoners.  Learning These Neat To Ingenious Prisoner Survival Tricks Will Greatly Enhance Your Survivalbility And Get You To Thinking Outside The Box So You Can Solve Impossibe Problems.  Only From IRISAP.   See 2012 U-AAASPTP – Package 17.

187)  In The United States Alone, There Are Approximately 8,000+ Home Invasions Each Day.  Home Invasions That Lead To Robbery, Property Destruction, Abductions, Rape, Murder,…  Uninvited Armed Scumbags That Enter Your Home – In My Humble Opinion Should Be Dealt The Ultimate Justice Or YOU & YOURS May Become Dead Statistics.  This Is CRIME SURVIVAL And You’ll Know 25+ Anti-Home Invasion Tactics To Include Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Tactics Used By The Best Trained And Most Elite Soldiers On Earth Like The British SAS (Special Air Service), US Army Delta Force, US Navy SEALs, US Army Green Berets,…  Cause When The Shootin’ Starts There’s No “Put up your hands you’re under arrest – crap.”   It’s Either Them Piece Of Sh!+ Low-Life Coward Scumbags Or YOU And Your Family.  I’ll Tell You What To Do And Why.  Very Blunt And To The Point.  And Get This – You Don’t Even Have To Be A Good Shot Either!   OK —- You Decide Right Now And Decide To Get Your Own 60-Pound 2012 U-AAASPTP Today So You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!!!



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