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Anytime Anywhere Survival Program 

A- Z Index Video / Book!


Thank you for your wise interest in my Survival Programs. 

Here is ABSOLUTE PROOF of the QUANTITY (10,000+ survival entries) and QUALITY of my Survival Programs.  Here is a page-by-page video of the A-Z Index Book. 


(click image for video)

1st NOTE: Video is approximately 46-minutes 17-seconds in duration. 

2nd Note: This is the A-Z Index Book with more than 10,000+ survival entries for all Newsletters, Videos, Special Reports, and other IRISAP Programs.  Originally for 2012 U-AAASPTP which includes ALL Wilderness, Health, Crime, and Money Survivals.  The 2012 PAWS Program has 95% of Health, Crime, and Money Survivals deleted.  Only pertinent specially hand-picked Health, Crime, And Money Survivals are added to the 2012 PAWS Program to enhance your international wilderness survival Anytime Anywhere!

3rd Note: This “sanitized” A-Z Index Book has more than 10,000+ survival entries.  However, even though survival entries are cross referenced, it may still be incomplete.  It’s highly advised to “intensely research” this A-Z Index Book and all Survival materials and take & record your own personal notes at the end of this A-Z Index Book.

MOST IMPORTANT NOTE: IRISAP subscribers will get the COMPLETE & LARGER A-Z Index Book (UNSANITIZED) when they purchase the 2012 U-AAASPTP.