2012 Ultra-Advanced Anytime Anywhere Survival Program TOTAL Package – Order Form Certificate!

EASY INSTRUCTIONS:   Read this entire Order Certificate.  It authorizes you to get your own 60+ pound 2012 Ultra-Advanced Anytime Anywhere Survival Program TOTAL Package (2012 U-AAASPTP) to include the following 17 Packages.

PRINT-OUT and Fill-in this Order Certificate.  YOU MUST ALSO PRINT-OUT and fill-in the Non Disclosure\Disclaimer Statement and return both to IRISAP today.  You’ll get:

PACKAGE 01—gives you 23 Sections – 557-pages, 113,000+ word count, 200 sketches – of basic, advanced and ultra-advanced survival  applications, techniques and “tricks.”

PACKAGE 02—gives you all 46 Newsletters (1,302-pages, 1,149,445 word count) with THOUSANDS of basic, advanced and ultra-advanced international survival applications, techniques and tricks! 

PACKAGE 03—gives you 169+ Mountain Man Survival Tricks, 239+ Texas Ranger, Pioneer, Old West,… Survival Tricks And More, and 839+ International Survival Tricks Used By Indians, Bushmen, Nomads, And More.  Combined total – 658-pages and  257, 440 word count.

PACKAGE 04—gives you 999+ U.S. Army Survival Escape Resistance and Escape – SERE Notes.  Plus 375+ International Prisoner Survival Tricks And More (241-pages and 86,678 word count)! 

PACKAGE 05—gives you 269+ International Fishing Tricks and More and 339+ International Emergency Foods, Emergency Water, Lost Home-Made Recipes And More.  Combined total – 359-pages and 134,656 word count.

PACKAGE 06—gives you 99+ International Pied Piper Tricks To Compel All Types Of Animals To Come To You and 259+ International Smart Critter Survival Tricks And More.  Combined total – 155-pages and 57,624 word count.

PACKAGE 07—gives you The Gettysburg Program!  What You Don’t Know May Be Killing You – Your Complete Guide To Better Health And Vibrant Living! (full and short versions – a combined total of 854-pages and 256,822 word count).  

PACKAGE 08—gives you 199+ International Emergency First-Aid Applications And More, How I Saved My Cat Sylvester When 05-Months Of Vet Drugs Failed, and 169+ Lose It Or Else Accelerated Weight-Loss Facts, Tricks And More.  Combined total – 487-pages and 163,329 word count.

PACKAGE 09—gives you Advanced Navigation Video And Workbook.  Workbook includes 165-pages, 35,593 word count, 440+ work applications, quizzes Practice Final Exam – all with answers and Final Exam.  Includes 03 DVD Videos (06+ hours) and all associated materials. 

PACKAGE 10—gives you 179+ International Killer Hot Desert Survival Tricks And More, 89+ Emergency Cold Weather Survival Tricks And More and 77+ International Forecasters Of Weather, Earthquakes, Tornados And More.  Combined total – 271-pages and 97,589 word count.

PACKAGE 11—gives you 06 Survival DVD Videos – 07+ hours.

PACKAGE 12—gives you Save My Life – Basic, Advanced And Ultra-Advanced Emergency Fire-Starting TOTAL Package

PACKAGE 13—gives you Shoot Fire From Your Hands!

PACKAGE 14—gives you Discover Mind Travel With Secret Remote Viewing, Awaken The Amazing Dowsing Abilities You Possess Right Now, and 55+ True Incredible Mysteries. 

PACKAGE 15—gives you 911 Fire Deal, 911Night Alert Deal, 747 Jumbo Deal, and 747 Jumbo Deal Guide.

PACKAGE 16—gives you Walkie-Talkies, Laydon Emergency Stoves, Laydon Emergency Trail-Mix Cookies and Combination Knife Set.

PACKAGE 17—gives you the Go To Sh!+ Plan Emergency Package.  Includes Backpack full of EMERGENCY SUPPLIES!

YES, get your own 2012 U-AAASPTP.  I confidently give you a 01-Year Money-Back Guarantee and a After 01-Year DOUBLE Money-Back Guarantee!  I KNOW you’ll say: “BEST investment I ever made!”   REMEMBER, You Get My Personal NO RISK UNCONDITIONAL “01-Year Money-Back Guarantee and NO RISK UNCONDITIONAL After 01-Year DOUBLE Money-Back Guarantee!”


          OK, YES OF COURSE, I’ll fill-in the data below and the attached Non-Disclosure/Disclaimer Statement.  I also have  a payment option below (credit card only).  I have a UNCONDITIONAL NO RISK 01-Year Money Back GuaranteeUNCONDITIONAL After 01-Year DOUBLE Money-Back Guarantee!  Joseph, I don’t want to be another DEAD STATISTIC, I don’t want my family & friends to DEAD STATISTICS – so here’s my order and payment of $4,997.97 plus $175.00 for Priority Mail & handling  – total $5,172.97:


Sign full name  I’m OVER 21 YEARS OF AGE  (17+ years waived to active duty military)

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