2012 Pure Advanced Wilderness Survival Condensed Program – Order Form Certificate!

EASY INSTRUCTIONS: Read this entire Order Certificate. It authorizes you to get your own 35+ pound 2012 Pure Advanced Wilderness Survival Condensed Program (2012 PAWSCP) to include the following 06 Packages.

PRINT-OUT and Fill-in this Order Certificate. YOU MUST ALSO PRINT-OUT and fill-in the Non Disclosure\Disclaimer Statement and return both to IRISAP today. You’ll get:

PACKAGE 01—gives you 23 Sections – 557-pages, 113,000+ word count, 200 sketches – of basic, advanced and ultra-advanced survival applications, techniques and “tricks.”

PACKAGE 02—gives you 169+ Mountain Man Survival Tricks, 239+ Texas Ranger, Pioneer, Old West,… Survival Tricks And More, and 839+ International Survival Tricks Used By Indians, Bushmen, Nomads, And More. Combined total – 658-pages and 257, 440 word count.

PACKAGE 03—gives you 269+ International Fishing Tricks and More and 339+ International Emergency Foods, Emergency Water, Lost Home-Made Recipes And More. Combined total – 359-pages and 134,656 word count.

PACKAGE 04—gives you 99+ International Pied Piper Tricks To Compel All Types Of Animals To Come To You and 259+ International Smart Critter Survival Tricks And More. Combined total – 155-pages and 57,624 word count.

PACKAGE 05—gives you 179+ International Killer Hot Desert Survival Tricks And More, 89+ Emergency Cold Weather Survival Tricks And More and 77+ International Forecasters Of Weather, Earthquakes, Tornados And More. Combined total – 271-pages and 97,589 word count.

PACKAGE 06—gives you 07 Survival DVD Videos – 07+ hours.

YES, get your own 2012 PAWS Program. I confidently give you a 01-Year Money-Back Guarantee and a After 01-Year DOUBLE Money-Back Guarantee! I KNOW you’ll say: “BEST investment I ever made!” REMEMBER, You Get My Personal NO RISK UNCONDITIONAL “01-Year Money-Back Guarantee and NO RISK UNCONDITIONAL After 01-Year DOUBLE Money-Back Guarantee!”

2012 PAWSCP!

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